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If you followed me for a while, you would remember when I made a post called "Rejective Predominantly white Institutions with 10+% Black Enrollment." Since that post, new IPEDS data was released and the dreaded US News and World Report College Rankings came out. So I figured I would do another 10+% Black enrollment chart for 30 of the "top" schools on the rankings.

The most interesting things are the schools that finally hit 10+% Black enrollment and the schools with an insanely low Black enrollment rate. It would be interesting to hear how those colleges broke the 10% ceiling, and hopefully, they could teach the others how to copy their success. We have to wonder why these top schools with big endowments struggle to make their student bodies look more like America. I'm sure we can Google every school on this list along with Black Lives Matter and see some supportive statements.

Words don't mean anything without action, especially when in 2019, 37% of Black 18- to 24-year-olds enrolled in college. Note how enrollment is down by 1 % from almost a decade earlier. So when will these colleges make their Black Lives Matter statements a part of their everyday life? Going test optional was a good step.

Where do we go from here?

For starters:

1. Getting rid of Early Decision/Action/Legacy/Demonstrated Interest

2. Foster CBO partnerships

3. Promote College Finance Literacy

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