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Counseling Packages & Workshops 

Build Your Voice

Sliding scale rates available 


  1. Common App essay review

  2. Scholarship essay review

  3. Supplemental essay review

Get Me to College

Sliding scale rates available

In addition to “Build Your Voice,” this package includes:

  1. Balanced College List based on interest, GPA, and test scores

  2. College application full error-free review 

Financial Responsibility

Sliding scale rates available

In addition to “Just Get Me to College,” this package includes:

  1. Financial aid application review

  2. Scholarship application review

  3. Financial aid package analysis, which includes cost analysis comparison chart

  4. Final selection meeting 

Discovering My Destiny

Sliding scale rates available

In addition to “ Financial Responsibility,” this package includes:

  1. College major selection and career discovery

  2. High school curriculum planning

Counseling Packages for Students & Families
Counseling Packages for Students & Families

Applying to College 101:

reviewing all of the different college and

financial aid applications.


Guiding a Perfect College Essay:

how to help students tell their story in a personal essay.


Nurturing a Destiny: career, major, and curriculum planning.


Building a Balanced College List:

teaching students how to avoid college denial disappointment

and ensuring placement for themselves.


Writing Insightful Teacher/Counselor Recommendations:

understanding what colleges want to hear in letters.


How does Selective College Admissions Work? (Mock Admissions Activity)


College Networking Basics: why networking with college officials is important for admissions.


The Truth About Testing: preparing students for a test optional/free admissions.


School/Organization Profiles Matter: why School/Organization Profiles make a difference in admissions.


Leading College Seminars: how to deliver college admissions content to students. (Includes College Counseling Curriculum resource)


Admissions Strategies for High Achieving, Low-Income, Black and Brown Students


The Importance of College Finance Literacy: how to talk to students/families about college debt.

for Organization and School Staff
 for Organizations and Schools

*All sessions currently occur via video chat

**Individual services available upon request 

Sliding scale rates available

What’s the Point of Going to College?

Danny Tejada shares his story as a first-generation college

student and the benefits of going to college.

My College Timeline: strategies for staying organized

throughout the college application process.

How to Build a Resume

Completing My Common App: sharing the key factors

for a stellar application.

FAFSA Basics: walk-through of the application process

Completing My CSS Profile: walk-through of the application process.

Showcasing My Best Self: how to write an impactful college essay.

Financial Aid 101: reviewing student/parent loan debt, merit scholarships, and applying for outside scholarships.

College Fair Preparation: setting a game plan to use your time at college fairs effectively.

College Life Readiness: what to expect in college and why you need to take advantage of resources available on campus.

Benefits of Applying Early Decision: strategies to access selective colleges that meet full financial need.

College, This is How Much I Love You: playing a game to

understand why Demonstrated Interest is important.

In addition to workshops, we also offer college counseling programming evaluation, event planning guidance and counselor coaching for high schools and organizations.

*Available for video chat or in-person

(travel cost not included)

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