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It is a pleasure to work with Danny. He is unfailingly professional in all aspects of his presentation and communication. He is punctual and organized. He is very responsive and collaborates well to bring together his expertise with the unique needs of our program and our students. More importantly, Danny is an effective teacher and guide. He is sincere and clear. He treats the students with respect and the students respond to him, especially when he draws on his personal experiences in his teaching. He knows what goes on behind-the-scenes in admissions offices and he conveys that to the students in a way that motivates them. He is incredibly knowledgeable about a wide range of schools. Our students come from a wide range of socioeconomic and academic backgrounds and Danny’s knowledge is broad enough to support our diverse group.


-Ruth Ballenzweig

Garden Apprentice Program, Program Coordinator

Danny avails himself to not only the students, but also the staff as well. Daniel is eager to learn and is in a constant state of developing his craft. He attends numerous workshops relevant to advocacy, student support, policy and issues that are of concern to student experiences and student improvement.    He is brimming with talent and has clarity, passion and focus that supersedes the actual years of experience he has in this field. He is an individual who has taken the initiative to become a true expert in the various areas relevant to student achievement and higher education.

-Shelly-Ann Richmond


Pace University School of Education

Danny is compassionate. He cares enough about young people to push himself outside his comfort zone to learn about them, their backgrounds, and potential. Not only to learn about them, but to volunteer his time and energy to causes that can clear pathways for young people to pursue and be successful, as Vice-Chair of Advocacy for the College Access Consortium of New York. This also allowed him to be outspoken on issues that resonated with him deep down to his core; access issues, equity issues - just another measure of his authenticity.  


Danny is innovative. He is a published author, taking ideas about identity and interpersonal relationships between males and capturing those ideas and considerations in written/narrative form. Not being satisfied there, he volunteered his time with iMentor to sharpen the saw of relationship building. Danny then submitted a proposal to the College Board Fellowship and, after being selected, went on to create his own program focusing on holistic mentoring and relationship building in the postsecondary planning process. Danny makes a way out of no way, that’s the essence of innovation. 

-Shameek Robinson, MSEd 

Regional Director, Northeast

College Advising Corps

There is no question that Mr. Tejada is ambitious. He wants to do great work. He has been a presenter at state and local associations. He is a keen student of admissions issues and policies on a national level. He constantly is learning more about how to counsel, how to guide students through financial aid and college selection, and how to decipher the often opaque world of admissions and aid.


-Sean Callaway

Director of College Placement Center for Urban Education 

Pace University School of Education

What a journey! With guidance from you and my parents, I have decided to join the class of 2027 at Cornell University! I truly value your generosity, availability, expertise, and commitment in helping me to reach my goals.  As I join the "Big Red" community, I will continue to explore and develop a cadence of excellence that you have helped to create. Every application, every essay, and every interview at the highest level. THANK YOU for being truly the best counselor!

-Aidan, individual client

Mr. Tejada's workshops were well-structured, engaging, and highly informative. He meticulously covered various aspects of college and career readiness, ensuring that students had a comprehensive understanding of the process. From exploring different college majors to discovering potential career paths, Mr. Tejada provided invaluable guidance and resources to help students make informed decisions about their futures.

One of the things that impressed me the most about Mr. Tejada was his ability to connect with the students. He created a supportive and inclusive environment where everyone felt comfortable asking questions and sharing their concerns. He listened attentively to each student, providing personalized advice and suggestions tailored to their individual goals and aspirations. His genuine care for the students' success was evident in every interaction.

In addition to the workshops, Mr. Tejada went above and beyond to ensure that students had access to the necessary resources. He provided extensive reading materials, online tools, and even organized college visits and guest speakers to further enhance the students' understanding of the college and career landscape. His dedication to their development was truly commendable.

Thanks to Mr. Tejada's workshops and resources, I feel our students were better equipped to navigate the college and career journey. Mr. Tejada's commitment to the Upward Bound students is truly remarkable, and I wholeheartedly recommend his workshops to anyone seeking to enhance their college and career readiness skills.

-Jasmine C. Lewis, Ed.D

Interim Executive Director, TRIO Programs

Harris-Stowe State University

Danny Tejada has played a crucial role in developing our college access program. He set out a curriculum and philosophy for us. He also made introductions that sparked fruitful partnerships. Since Danny’s time with us, the program has expanded, and now my new team has the tools and resources they need to run a robust program.

-Selina Diaz
Director of College and Career Success
Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York City

References Available Upon Request.

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