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Join Discussions on Test Free Admissions

Recently, I joined a group called the Test Free Alliance. I think it's pretty clear how I feel about testing. I joined the group after College Board/ACT ramped-up their pro-testing propaganda during COVID. We create programming to inform counselors, students, and families about what test free and test-optional means. We hope our messaging can put people at ease. Please follow us on Twitter to be informed about our work and encourage those around you to follow as well.

Our first series will be conversations with college admissions folks called Test Free Chats. In these chats, our college admissions friends will talk about their test-optional/free policy and how students will be reviewed. Jennifer Jessie and I will be hosting these discussions and open up the floor for questions.

Our first chat is with

Jonathan Burdick

Cornell University's Vice Provost for Enrollment

Our second chat is with

Nikki Kāhealani Chun

Caltech's Director of Undergraduate Admissions.

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